Signal anodes U

Afriso Signal anodes U
Data sheet signal anodes U
Afriso Data sheet signal anodes U


Part no. Remember
Signal anode U 21–1000-G¾ chain, 5 elements 69816
Signal anode U 22–500-G¾ rod 69800
Signal anode U 26–500-G1 rod 69805
Signal anode U 33–500-G1¼ rod 69810

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Data sheet signal anodes U Data sheet PDF
Afriso Data sheet signal anodes U
Universal, complete signal anode as per EN 12828, made of magnesium alloy. Version with screw fitting, signal unit and instruction label. The parts submerged in water are heat-resistant up to operating temperatures of 100 °C and comply with the German Food Act. When the anode material is used up, water penetrates the test space and causes a red discolouration of the signal unit to indicate that the anode is used up. In the case of conventional anodes (rod anode or chain anode), the boiler has to be opened for anode inspection.
System pressure
Max. 15 bar
Operating temperature range
0/100 °C
Female screw connection G¾
Female screw connection G1
Female screw connection G1¼
Chain (5 elements)