Gas cooler MGK 741

Afriso Gas cooler MGK 741
Afriso Gas cooler MGK 741
Data sheet Gas cooler MGK 741
Afriso Data sheet Gas cooler MGK 741


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Gas cooler MGK 741 with hose pump 69510

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Data sheet Gas cooler MGK 741 Data sheet PDF
Afriso Data sheet Gas cooler MGK 741
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Peltier gas cooler, low maintenance and self-monitoring. MGK 741 provides optimum cooling of the gas, reduces the wash-out effect to a minimum and separates the condensate. The condensate is automatically discharged by means of an integrated hose pump. The heat exchanger consists of Duran glass and is arranged in a heat-insulated cooling block. The heat is dissipated by means of a fan and cooling fins. LEDs are used to indicate the operating state. High and low temperature alarms are available as general alarms via a relay contact (voltage-free changeover contact). The compact and space-saving design enables easy integration in stationary gas treatment systems.
Operating temperature range
5/40 °C
-15/+55 °C
Heat exchanger
Single-stage Duran glass reverse unit
Gas inlet conditions
Dew point:
Max. 40 °C
Max. 120 °C at 50 l/h and 20 °C ambient temperature
Status alarm
1 voltage-free changeover contact
AC 120 V 0.5 A
DC 24 V 1 A
Wall mounting
Gas inlet/gas outlet
Compression fitting Ø 4 x 1 mm
Wetted parts
Duran glass, PVDF, Viton<sup>®</sup>, Stainless steel
Supply voltage
AC 230 V, 50 Hz, 60 VA
W x H x D:
230 x 230 x 95 mm
Approx. 3.5 kg
Degree of protection:
IP20 (EN 60529)