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Afriso Data sheet infrared gas analysers


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IR gas analyser CO 69966
IR gas analyser CO2 69967
IR gas analyser NO 69968
IR gas analyser SO2 69969
IR gas analyser CO, CO2 69971
IR gas analyser CO, NO 69972
IR gas analyser CO, SO2 69973
IR gas analyser NO, SO2 69974
IR gas analyser NO, CO2 69975
IR gas analyser NO, CO, SO2 69976

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Afriso Data sheet infrared gas analysers
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This NDIR unit provides continuous operation and can selectively measure and display the concentrations of up to four different gas components. The NDIR (non-dispersive infrared absorption)measuring principle is based on the absorption of infrared radiation by heteronuclear molecule gases with several atoms. Optimum sensitivity and high selectivity with regard to other components in the measurement gas are achieved by means of opto-pneumatic radiation receivers. An optional electro-chemical sensor makes it possible to additionally measure the O2 concentration. Measuring range for O2 up to 25 % by volume. The conventional method with test gas can be used for calibration. If the optional calibration unit is used, test gas cylinders are not required.
Operating temperature range
5/40 °C
Supply voltage
AC 230 V
Gas throughput
20/100 l/h
Analogue output
4–20 mA
RS 232
4-digit lit LC display
Setup time
15 s
Heat-up time
30 min
Gas inlet/gas outlet
Compression fitting Ø 4 x 1 mm
19" rack mounting, 4 rack units
Approx. 10 kg