Oil-on-water detector ÖAWD ÖAWD-8

Afriso Oil-on-water detector ÖAWD ÖAWD-8
Afriso Oil-on-water detector ÖAWD ÖAWD-8
Afriso Oil-on-water detector ÖAWD ÖAWD-8
Afriso Oil-on-water detector ÖAWD ÖAWD-8
WATCHDOG-LINE alarm units
Afriso WATCHDOG-LINE alarm units


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Oil-on-water detector ÖAWD ÖAWD-8 55105
Floating probe SWS 55100

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Afriso WATCHDOG-LINE alarm units
Alarm unit in wall mounting housing for the detection of oil layers on water. ÖAWD consists of a control unit with visual/audible alarm, Test/Unlock buttons as well as a relay output. ÖAWD is based on the conductivity principle. The floating probe SWS is used for detection. If an oil layer (of at least 2 mm) is detected, the alarm unit triggers a visual alarm and stores the alarm condition. Once the cause of the alarm condition has been removed, press the Unlock button to reset ÖAWD. The visual alarm is deactivated. The Test button allows you to simulate an alarm condition in order to perform a function test. The voltage-free relay contact is provided for connection of additional signalling equipment (such as ZAG 01), actuators (pumps, valves), additional alarm units or event reporting systems. The alarm units are suitable for panel mounting with a mounting frame. A sealing kit (IP 54) is available for rough application conditions. ÖAWD-8 is available for applications with turbulent surfaces; this version features a delay of approx. 8 s which helps to avoid false alarms.
Operating temperature range
0/50 °C
0/55 °C
-10/+60 °C
Floating probe SWS
W x H x D:
200 x 140 x 200 mm
Cable length:
10 m
Max. length:
50 m
Adjustment range oil layer thickness:
2/10 mm
Also suitable for changing levels
Supply voltage
AC 100 – 240 V
Nominal power
5 VA
Switching output
Relay contact:
1 x voltage-free changeover contact
Contact rating:
Max. AC 250 V, 2 A
Response delay
8 s
Wall mounting housing made of impact-resistant plastic (ABS)
W x H x D:
100 x 188 x 65 mm
600 g
Degree of protection:
IP40 (EN 60529)
Scope of delivery
  • Control unit without probe