Company profile

Adelbert Fritz bestowed not only his name on our company, but also the fundamental principles of its mission today: responsibility and social competence. Now, more than 150 years later, this still sets the standard and drives the company‘s entrepreneurial activities as it moves towards the future. The people involved and their needs and competencies are the focus.

In a family-run business, the value of a handshake still applies in a figurative sense, and this is something everyone can count on – employees, suppliers and customers. Our wide range of components, systems and services as well as the use of state-of-the-art production technology ensure market-orientated product policies and service quality. This, in addition to the motivation and competence of our staff, puts us in a position in which we can offer our market partners competitively priced series products as well as customised solutions and unconventional ideas.

The care and protection of the environment are always a top priority in the development and production of our new products. And this was the case long before terms such as „energy efficiency“ and „environmental protection“ became commonplace. All of the processes in the company are aligned with environmental compatibility, our products are manufactured in Germany and in Europe with the best possible ecological balance, and their application often actively supports environmental protection. Our motto „Technology for Environmental Protection“ has long been an inherent part of our product range. And will continue to serve as the basis of our activities in the future.

150 years AFRISO