AFRISO Smart Home Solutions

Smart Home with maximum flexibility

From sensors and actuators to a base station (gateway) and all the way to an app, AFRISOhome offers you perfectly adapted and comprehensive solutions for indoor climate, convenience and security.


The AFRISOhome gateway serves as the base for the reliable operation of smart home solutions. Compatibility of the gateway with products from a whole range of different manufacturers such as the Netatmo camera systems, the Philips Hue and IKEA Tradfri lighting control systems or the Amazon Alexa voice control system ensures countless design options for your smart home, making AFRISOhome the system of choice. The wireless standards EnOcean®, Z-Wave, Zigbee and W-LAN ensure reliable transmission – forget the hassles involved in wiring. With the EnOcean® wireless technology, data transmission is energy-autonomous and your system maintenance-free. This way, for example, the AFRISO water sensor WaterSensor eco can be installed in a straightforward way. In conjunction with the motorised AFRISO water shut-off valve WaterControl which closes the main water line as soon as a sensor detects water and trigger alarms, the likelihood of costly water damage is dramatically reduced. You can connect up to 40 sensors directly to WaterControl and monitor for water leakage at many points in the building. This is just one of many applications you can implement with AFRISOhome. The gateway, which will continue to remain vendor-independent, allows you to directly control more than 320 sensors and actuators of third-party vendors in addition to AFRISO devices.


Your smartphone or tablet allows you to conveniently access your smart home. Whether at work, on the go, on holiday or at home, the AFRISOhome app (for IOS, Android and as a Web app), you always have your smart home under control. All windows closed, lights still on, right temperature for the heating system – simply check your app to get the answer in a snap. All measured values, the battery status and the connection quality of the devices are displayed. You can also evaluate energy consumption to help you save energy.

Programs allow you to automate sequences adapted to your daily life requirements using if-and-then functions. Messages or alarms from security- or safety-related devices are pushed to your smartphone or tablet, which allows you to initiate countermeasures quickly – if the smart AFRISO gadgets have not already taken care of this for you automatically.

All data is stored on your AFRISO gateway and transmitted in encrypted form for protection against unauthorised access during transmission.


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