The AFRISOhome gateway allows the user to easily control all devices via voice commands. This can be done with Amazon Alexa. 

In addition to the possibilities to control your Smart Home devices by means of voice commands, AFRISOhome offers further advantages:

Convenient "turning on" and "turning off" of complete PROgrams

For example, the command "Alexa, turn on movie mode" does not only start the TV, but also dims the lights, closes the roller blinds and correctly switches on the audio system - you do not have to do all this separately.

Control devices in a group with a single command

You can switch off the lights in the house in a single go with the command "Turn off the lights". This switches off all devices of the "lamp" type. This also works with individual rooms, roller blinds or device types.

Define convenient invocation names

You can assign an "invocation name" per device, PROgram and group. This way, you can assign descriptive names or several invocation names (invocation name: "living room, living room light") – this way, you can talk intuitively.

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