New Products

Our motto „Technology for Environmental Protection“ has long been an inherent part of our product development philosophy and product range. We strive to improve the environment, to make processes which work with greater environmental compatibility and to avoid putting a strain on the environment. The new AFRISO products underpin this once again: We offer you a multitude of innovative solutions, new products and smart concepts.

Bourdon tube pressure gauge with screw bezel housing type D6 with glycerine filling

Pressure transducers DMU 13 Vario with local display

Capacitance level indicator CapFox® EFT 20

Ultrasonic level indicator SonarFox® UST 20

Guided micropulse level indicators PulsFox® PMG 20

Capacitance level switch CapFox® ENT 21

Liquid detector AFA 11

Liquid detector AFA 11 with burner connection kit

AFRISOhome gateway HG 02

Automatic fuel oil de-aerator FloCo-Top-2CM

Connection assembly for expansion vessel GAK - Steel

Heating pump assembly PrimoTherm® 180-2 DN 25 KVS Vario

3-/4-way mixing valves ARV ProClick

Actuator ARM ProClick

ACT 343 ProClick

Boiler manifold KSV 125 for heating pump assemblies PrimoTherm®

Single room temperature controller FloorControl Controller terminal bar WB 01 – wired

Room thermostats RT 01 for controller terminal bar WB 01

Dust measuring instrument STM 225 BLACK EDITION

With gas treatment system MAXISYSTEM ST

Gas Detector GSP 4

Modular base handle CAPBs® device with display

Anode tester CAPBs® sens AT 10

Flow rate / temperature measuring instrument FlowTemp® STx

CO2, humidity and temperature determination AQ 35 / AQ 36

CAPBs® set tightness test underfloor heating system PT 70-FBH

CAPBs® set for determination of water quality WQ

CAPBs® set for hydraulic balancing at radiator valves

CAPBs® set for hydraulic balancing at line fittings