Sustainability & Environment

For many, sustainability is trendy. Many companies have now jumped on the sustainability bandwagon. We were instrumental in putting this train on the track more than 50 years ago. Today, ecological thinking is firmly anchored in our products and corporate processes. For us, sustainable business means securing business success in the long term while protecting natural resources.

Manufacturing & Logistics

Together, we make the worldmore sustainable

The „Green Production“ label underpins that sustainability takes centre stage. Using plastic as an essential raw material allows us to manufacture our products with low material input and energy consumption. We control most of the processes ourselves and are not dependent on suppliers. This dramatically reduces transport. For example, in the Güglingen plant, everything from tool design to plastic injection molding to final assembly is performed within a distance of 250 m in a production hall. Therefore, our products have always had an extremely small CO2 footprint. Replacing metal with plastic accelerates this.

Green production

Sustainability at work

Our company does not operate any production facilities that fall under the German Federal Immission Control Act. The heating systems are up to state of the art. Air and noise emissions are low. The business property in Güglingen is over 4 hectares in size. 38 % of this area are covered by buildings, 32 % are traffic areas and parking lots and 30 % are green space. In 1988, our company received a special award from the district of Heilbronn for the "Design and Greening of Commercial and Industrial Areas", and in 1999 the Environmental Award of the Association of Independent Businesses (ASU). We have been a member of ISD Interseroh GmbH since 1994, one of the leading environmental service companies for recycling processes.

Our projects

Successful environmental protection

As early as 1998, we registered our company as per European Eco Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) and had it certified according to ISO 14001. Since the ISO certification has a greater significance on an international scale, today we only have the ISO certification. 

And our employees are also highly motivated: Since 1998, they have made 243 improvement suggestions for environmental protection, 225 of which were implemented. External environmental protection auditors have attested to our more than average commitment in the area of environmental protection for many years.

Environmental protection investments