Automatic fuel oil de-aerator with improved ecological balance



The base housing consists of highly robust, durable plastic which makes it approximately 80 % lighter than the zinc die cast housing of the predecessor models. The optimised use of materials already reduces CO2 in production, and this is complemented by further emission reductions in logistics. The reduced transport weight of the new fuel oil de-aerator also contributes to the positive ecological balance, as does the high level of vertical integration at the Güglingen plant.

Optimierte Features:

  • Reduced height for easier installation if mounting space is limited
  • The lateral shut-off valve can be operated from both sides for left or right mounting
  • Filter cup with O ring seal can be screwed directly to the housing
  • Drain valve with hose connection for clean filter replacement, easy emergency operation or as a test port for the anti-siphon valve
  • Optional angular connection pieces for direct tank or burner connection from above