More and more real estate owners are currently converting their heating systems to regenerative heating technologies, not least because of the attractive subsidies. This coincides with an increasing number of fuel oil tanks that are no longer needed - but no reason to tackle complex and costly decommissioning and dismantling. Disused, but still functional steel tanks can now be easily and inexpensively converted into rainwater tanks, for example, for environmentally friendly garden irrigation. Specialists can do such a conversion quickly and in an uncomplicated way using AFRISO rainwater inner linings AR-SM.

If you install a new heating system, it is in the spirit of sustainability to reuse the existing steel fuel oil tank for a different purpose. First, the tank protection specialist takes care of emptying and cleaning the old fuel oil tank and performs a corrosion test. In most cases, the tank can still be used. In addition, it is advisable to place a fleece layer on the floor, for example as impact protection. Then, the specialist can mount the inner lining. It is custom-made in the AFRISO factory in Amorbach (Odenwald) - exactly to the specifications of the tank protection company in high quality "Made in Germany".

Fast tank conversion by specialised companies
The lining is fitted in the tank and inflated by means of a blower; if necessary, the final fit is achieved by means of a vacuum pump. The magnets integrated in the lining reliably hold the lining to the inner wall of the steel tank. Correct fit of the PVC lining is verified and then it is fastened in the manhole by means of a fastening ring. This is followed by the pipe connections for the inlet and the outlet – and you are the proud owner of a modern and resource-saving rainwater storage tank.


Specialised tank protection companies install the new, made-to-measure inner lining in the tank. Then it is inflated and firmly held at the inner wall of the tank by the integrated magnets.

Fast and easy entry-level rainwater harvesting
AFRISO grants a five-year warranty on the extremely sturdy PVC material and the workmanship of the inner lining. This smart solution is suitable for all standard, cylindrical DIN steel tanks with a capacity from 3,000 to 50,000. The AFRISO inner lining and a commercially available submersible pump provide, for example, cost-effective garden irrigation. Due to the special design of the AR-SM inner lining, additional components such as leak detectors, which are used in conventional solutions (as in the case of the fuel oil tank), are not required. This means that there are no subsequent costs for energy generation, energy consumption or maintenance.



In conjunction with a submersible pump, the inner lining for rainwater serves as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for garden irrigation.

Financial benefits and a better environment
Home owners benefit financially in several ways: The more rainwater they use for watering the garden or flushing the toilet, the lower the costs for drinking water – the return on invest in the inner lining is fast. In addition, many municipalities promote sustainable use of rainwater with discounts on wastewater charges. The solution is always beneficial for the environment, as it helps to use the precious resource water as efficiently as possible. And finally, the plants are happy too: Rainwater is free of lime and minerals and, therefore, more suitable than drinking water for watering the garden. Since the precious water is a scarce commodity worldwide, home owners can make an effective contribution to the protection of the environment with their private rainwater storage tanks. Energy-saving and sustainable.

Watch the following video for more information on the operating principle and on tank conversion: