The base housing of FloCo-Top-2CM consists of robust, durable plastic which makes it approximately 80 percent lighter than the zinc die cast housing of the predecessor models. The optimised use of materials already reduces CO2 in production, and this is complemented by further emission reductions in logistics. The reduced transport weight of the new fuel oil de-aerator also contributes to the positive ecological balance, as does the high level of vertical integration at AFRISO – of course, "Made in Germany" at the headquarters of the company in Güglingen.

Low height for easy installation

The low height of the plastic housing creates more space even in installation situations where space is limited and thus makes installation considerably easier. The bracket with a user-friendly click system and the shut-off valve that can be operated from both sides simplify assembly and allow flexible installation at the left or the right. Practical accessories such as the angular connection pieces provide even more flexibility and let you, for example, directly connect the tank or the burner from above.


Robust lightweight for improved ecological balance: The base housing is made of a robust, long-lasting plastic material – this results in a weight saving of around 80 percent compared to the predecessor series.

Drain valve as a multi-purpose feature

The high manufacturing quality is convincing down to the last detail: The filter cup features an O ring seal so that it can be screwed directly onto the housing. The drain valve with hose connection can be flexibly used for filter replacement, emergency operation or test connection during function tests of the anti-siphon valve.

Optimum safety system

The special dual-float safety system is used for de-aeration – it reliably keeps oil foam from escaping via the vent opening. For de-aeration, the oil is guided via the float chamber and then added directly to the flow. If no oil is removed, the integrated non-return valve keeps the oil in the suction line from flowing back to the tank.

One step towards predictive maintenance

The pressure gauge can be rotated to any position so it is always easy to read, regardless of the mounting position. The suction capacity of the burner pump can be checked with closed shut-off valve. If the negative pressure in the flow increases, the filter is polluted and must be replaced. With regard to predictive maintenance of FloCo-Top-2CM, system operators can detect that the filter needs to be replaced and notify the service technician. Also, the drain valve ensures that everything stays clean when the filter is replaced. In addition to sintered plastic filter inserts, ultra-fine filter inserts and versions with a larger filter surface are available.

Free choice of "added value" – all provided by the innovative housing concept

FloCo-Top-2CM is suitable for fuel oils as per DIN 51603-1, DIN SPEC 51603-6 and DIN/TS 51603-8 – as well as biofuel and biodiesel with up to 30 % FAME (EN 14214) and for the new paraffinic fuels as admixture of 100 percent. The attractively priced version FloCo-Top-1C is available for users who can do without the service indicator and the drain valve due to regular filter changes. In addition, FloCo-Top is suitable for use in flood hazard areas and flood-proof to flood height of up to 10 m.

The proven and popular predecessor series FloCo-Top-2KM with multiple filtration continues to be available from AFRISO.