The liquid detector AFA 11 is designed for the detection of a wide range of liquids with a flash point of >55 °C. This includes, among others, fuel oil and low-viscosity lubricating oils, motor oils, gearbox oils or hydraulic oils, vegetable oils and transformer oils as well as water. For these media, the device can be used as a leak detection system class III as per EN 13160-1/-4 as well as a safety device as per worksheet DWA-A 791 and worksheet DWA-A779.

Visual and audible alarms

The liquid detector AFA 11 consists of the control unit with a test/Acknowledge key, a relay output and the photoelectric probe which is mounted at the lowest point of the aera to be monitored. This way, leaking liquid can be detected at an early stage, for example, in manholes, dome shafts, collection facilities or the burner room. If the worst comes to the worst, the alarm unit triggers a visual and an audible alarm. The voltage-free relay contact allows the user to connect additional external signalling equipment such as horns, lamps or building control systems. In addition, it is possible to install a 9 V battery so that an audible alarm is triggered in the case of power outage.

EnOcean®-ready for smart home systems

AFA 11 is EnOcean®-ready and can be integrated into the AFRISO smart home system or other smart home systems based on EnOcean® wireless by means of the optional wireless module TCM 320. This allows for additional push messages to smartphones.