The new AFRISO WSG 150 water safety group assembly protects drinking water heaters (for example, boiler or heaters as per EN806) against overpressure during heating up. The compact, tightness-tested connection kit is a complete unit as per EN 1488, consisting of a shut-off valve, two backflow preventers and a safety valve.The system is extensible via a cap and can be adapted to on-site requirements by rotating the safety valve.


The function principle is simple. If the system pressure exceeds a value of 6 bar (8 bar or 10 bar optional), the safety valve opens and protects the system against overpressure. Liquid is discharged until the pressure in the system has dropped below the maximum permissible pressure. The integrated backflow preventers keep hot water from flowing back to the cold water mains. The cold water supply of the drinking water heater can be shut off by means of a ball valve.

The water safety group assembly is suitable for temperatures of the medium of up to 95 °C and for system pressures of up to 10 bar. The opening pressure of the safety valve is 6 bar. Two G3/4 female connections are available as system connections and a G1 female connection for optional extension. Water in heating systems is under high pressure and can have temperatures of more than 100 °C. Therefore, only specialised companies should perform installation, function test, commissioning and maintenance of the safety group assembly WSG 150.