The new AFRISO RF100ISR bourdon tube pressure gauge with screw type bezel housing is used to measure gaseous and liquid media with temperatures of up to 60 °C in the measuring ranges -1/0 to -1/15 bar and 0/0.6 bar to 0/1000 bar. The pressure gauge is optionally available with glycerine filling and, due to the extremely robust plastic housing, suitable for plant engineering and mechanical engineering applications Process connection (G1/2B) is possible with back or bottom design with clamp fixing or back flange. Other process connections are possible to customer specifications.


The plastic housing of the pressure gauge it features a laminated safety glass window, a blow-out and a screw type bezel. The pressure gauge (accuracy class 1.0 as per EN 837-1/6) is optionally available with a micro-adjustable pointer. With housing vent ≤ 25, the degree of protection IP 65 (EN 60529) is reduced to IP 54.

The pressure gauge lends itself to applications requiring impact-resistant, rugged, rust-proof and tight housings, for example, in outdoor plants or humid, wet premises.