The BLUE sintered plastic sieve stands for high-grade sintered plastic, a long service life and optimum replacement characteristics.

Additional filter shaft for maximum filter surface

The new sintered plastic sieve BLUE is more persevering than conventional 50 µm filter inserts. Its additional filter shaft increases the filter surface and thus ensures a longer filter service life.

Filter base does not swell and cannot block

The new sintered plastic sieve excels during service as well: The added value starts at the filter base. It is made of a special plastic that neither swells during operation nor gets stuck and breaks during replacement. Save yourself and your customers minutes of "filter base removal activities" or useless exchange of fuel oil filters and filter combinations.


Filter base is stuck, the filter element was torn off during filter replacement.










Unevenly swollen filter base - the filter element is difficult to remove from the bayonet.









The swelling causes an open gap.
The sealing surface is no longer intact and unfiltered fuel oil can reach the burner during operation.
The consequences: Deposits at the nozzle which can cause burner malfunctions. 












Prime quality – always at a top level and "Made in Germany"

AFRISO has always placed high importance on outstanding product quality. Therefore, the sintered plastic sieves BLUE are made of high-grade sintered plastic and made in Germany. This is our contribution to short supply chains instead of supply chains all around the globe with all their detrimental environmental effects. Check back with your HVAC wholesaler: You will be surprised by the low prices for top quality.