Draft stabiliser WZB-1

Afriso Draft stabiliser WZB-1
Afriso Draft stabiliser WZB-1
Data sheet Draft stabiliser WZB-1
Afriso Data sheet Draft stabiliser WZB-1


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Draft stabiliser WZB-1 69760
Chimney sleeve for WZB-1 69761
Pipe connection piece ⌀ 120/130 mm 69762
Pipe connection piece ⌀ 150/160 mm 69764
Pipe connection piece ⌀ 180 mm 69765
Pipe connection piece ⌀ 200 mm 69766

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Data sheet Draft stabiliser WZB-1 Data sheet PDF
Afriso Data sheet Draft stabiliser WZB-1

Draft stabiliser made of galvanised sheet steel with flap. The flap is set by means of a rotary knob acting on a weight for precise adjustment. Depending on the adjustment of the weight, the flap admits more or less secondary air into the chimney when the vacuum gets too high.

The natural chimney draft is approx. 20 to 50 Pa, depending on the height and the cross section of the chimney as well as the weather conditions. These values increase when the temperature increases. The draft stabiliser allows for setting the vacuum required by the manufacturer of the heating system (oil or gas burner/boiler combination, oil or gas furnace, etc.) and keeps this vacuum almost constant. Correct chimney draft is a prerequisite for an optimum combustion process and contributes to a reduction in heating costs.

The draft stabiliser performs the following functions:

It limits the vacuum to the required value.It keeps the chimney dry and prevents soot deposits.

Adjustment range (draft requirements):
10/26 Pa
Application area
Bis 20 m
Chimney group I/II:
Bis 400 cm²
Chimney group III:
Bis 500 cm²
Operating temperature range
Flue gas:
Max. 400 °C
Mounting position
Flap axis horizontal
Flap vertical
< 3 m³/h at ∆p 10 Pa