Gas alarm system GW-SK 6.1 in DIN rail housing

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Data sheet Gas alarm system GW-SK 6.1 in DIN rail housing
AFRISO Data sheet Gas alarm system GW-SK 6.1 in DIN rail housing


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Gas alarm system GW-SK 6.1 61163

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Data sheet Gas alarm system GW-SK 6.1 in DIN rail housing Data sheet PDF
AFRISO Data sheet Gas alarm system GW-SK 6.1 in DIN rail housing

Freely programmable gas alarm system in a compact DIN rail housing for the connection of up to six gas sensors. The control unit can monitor various types of gases. GW-SK 6.1 can be operated in single-stage or dual-stage mode. Limit values can be set as required. 6 integrated relays can be assigned as required (1 relay is used for general alarm and 1 relay for the audible alarm signal (horn)). The other relays are available for control outputs.

Among others, the following combinations are possible:

1 alarm threshold, 6 sensors, 4 alarm groups

2 alarm thresholds, 6 sensors, 2 alarm groups

3 alarm thresholds, 6 sensors, 1 alarm group

The gas alarm system features a display with alternating indication of measured values and three operating levels:

1. Measurement level: Displays measured values, faults, alarms

2. Parameter level: Displays measuring ranges, limit values, alarm groups

3. Service level: Displays limit values, performs function checks of the relays, parameterisation (such as alarm group and limit value settings)

GW-SK 6.1 alternately displays the concentration at each measuring point. If a sensor exceeds alarm level 1 or alarm level 2, the visual alarm and the alarm relay are activated. When the concentration falls below the alarm level, the alarm is cleared. It is also possible to program GW-SK in such a way that alarm level 2 remains stored until a manual reset. The activation of the relay for the horn can also be programmed for each alarm level. Stop mode allows for permanent indication of the concentration at a given measuring point. GW-S 6.1 is self-monitoring (line interruption, short circuit and power outage) and signals faults via LED and fault relay. In addition, the display shows an "E". The alarm function can be tested without test gas.

Sensor inputs
4–20 mA
GW-SK 6.1:
Up to 6 gas sensors can be connected
RS 232 for configuration
Alarm thresholds
Max. 4, adjustable, memory or volatile mode
Switching outputs
6 voltage-free relay contacts
Contact rating:
AC 250 V, 1 A
Keypad for alarm and horn reset, edit, menu selection, confirmation
Operational, horn and indicated measuring point
LEDs for
Supply voltage
DC 24 V ± 5 %
Power input
Max. 30 W
Without measuring systems:
Approx. 3 W
Electrical connection
35-pin screw terminals
Operating temperature range
-10/+40 °C
For 35 mm DIN rails
W x H x D:
105 mm x 71 mm x 90 cm
650 g
Degree of protection:
IP 20 (EN 60529)


  • Serial interface
  • Data logger
  • Uninterrupted power supply