DMU 30 is equipped with a welded stainless steel measuring cell that converts the physical pressure into a proportional electrical signal. The robust design of the pressure transducer meets the high material stability demands which result when hydrogen (H2) is used as a fuel or reducing agent.

Suitable for up to 1,000 bar

This predestines the device for electronic pressure measurement in a wide variety of machines and systems with hydrogen or technical gases. The pressure transducer is suitable for pressure ranges up to 1,000 bar, excels with a high resistance to overload and is insensitive to pressure peaks.

High measuring accuracy

DMU 30 offers a high measuring accuracy with a deviation from characteristic curve as per IEC 60770, limit point calibration < ±0.5 % FSO. The device features three process connections: G1/4B (EN 837-1/7.3), G1/2B (EN 837-1/7.3) and 1/4"-18 NPT. An option ATEX version is available.

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