Oil filter cups from AFRISO
with drain system

No oil odour caused by oil dripping during filter replacement

Sounds familiar? Quickly replace the filter sieve of the oil filter during burner service – fit the filter spanner, turn a bit and the oil is where it should not be. Now the service technician has to remove the spillage and find a good excuse because the tenants complain about the unpleasant odour.

Not with AFRISO oil filter cups They feature s special drain system which makes working with the fuel oil filter a clean job. Simply connect the hose, open the drain valve, loosen the union nut of the filter cup and drain the oil in a controlled way in a container.

Always a component of all AFRISO fuel oil filters and filter combinations

Clever ideas deserve to be used consistently. Therefore, all AFRISO fuel oil filters and fuel oil de-aerators of the FloCo-TOP-2 series always feature oil filter cups with drain system.

Can be retrofitted, even in many models of other manufacturers

And because AFRISO likes to solve the daily problems of its customers, the new oil filter cups are also available for retrofitting as a short or a long filter cup for suction mode. And what is best: Of course, they fit on the standard filter combinations of our competitors.

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