Universal filters AF-UK 75

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Data sheet Universal filters AF-UK 75
AFRISO Data sheet Universal filters AF-UK 75


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Universal filters AF-UK 75 with condensate drain 61610

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Data sheet Universal filters AF-UK 75 Data sheet PDF
AFRISO Data sheet Universal filters AF-UK 75

Unheated universal filter for optimum filtration performance and removal of extremely small particles with filter elements with high filter fineness. Versions with or without conductivity based liquid alarm sensors. The sensor can detect the breakthrough of liquids (e.g. if a gas dryer is used upstream of the unit). If condensate water breaks through, the stream flow effect directs the drops to the sensor. The control unit of the liquid alarm sensor has a relay output that can be used to activate a pump or a solenoid valve or to signal an alarm. If condensate breaks through, the filter housing acts as a buffer space so that the liquid cannot immediately reach other components. The universal filter can be equipped with various filter elements (ceramic, glass fibre, PTFE, stainless steel). The elements are available with different filter fineness ratings to cover all possible applications.

The liquid sensor detects and signals moisture, e.g. is the upstream gas dryer is defective. The liquid alarm sensor operates on the basis of the measuring principle of electric conductivity.

Operating temperature range
Max. 100 °C
Filter head:
Filter body:
Duran glass
Gas inlet/gas outlet
G¼ female
At the side
At the side
Gas pressure
Max. 1 bar
Filter insert
Teflon (PTFE)
Filter fineness
2 µm
Filter surface
70 cm²
Condensate outlet
GL 25
Approx. 0.31 kg
Universal filter AF-U
Universal filter AF-U
Dimensions (in mm)
  1. Gas connections
  2. Liquid alarm sensor
  3. Evaluation electronics for liquid alarm sensor
  4. Input