Hygienic processes

Hygienische Prozesse Übersicht


Measuring and control technology for hygienic processes.

Innovation and rapid development characterise the production processes in the cosmetics, beverages, food, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. The production processes in these industries are particularly demanding. Specific product properties need to comply with special hygienic requirements. The products are manufactured in highly complex and sometimes sterile processes.

Measuring and control components in machines and production facilities must therefore meet the highest standards. Sterile process separation, hygienic design of devices, superior quality of materials and maximum measuring accuracy are some of the key factors for maximum process reliability.

AFRISO components and system solutions are adapted to suit specific production processes and comply with the pertinent hygienic regulations and recommendations to meet stringent requirements. Our robust measuring devices deliver perfect measuring results and reliably monitor and control simple to highly complex processes. Sophisticated kit systems and innovative ideas such as the seal-free design of diaphragm seals, pressure transmitters and thermometers help in the continuous optimisation of production facilities.

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Hygienische Prozesse Produktübersicht

Requirements for sterile processes

Manufacturing and processing food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals involve highly demanding production technologies. A vast array of standards and stringent directives cover all aspects of the hygienic design of machines, systems and, of course, peripheral equipment such as measuring instruments. AFRISO products consider these standards. National and international approvals and certificates ensure superior quality.

Good Manufacturing Practice

GMP is based on special directives implemented to improve and secure the quality of drugs as well as food and animal feed. Continuous monitoring of the production processes and 100 % inspection of each individual product is our contribution to GMP. Our ISO 9001-compliant quality management system as well as certification according to the environmental standard EN ISO 14001 serves as the basis for efficient GMP compliance. Ever since the early 1990s, AFRISO has focused on these issues to secure compliance with production process specifications and to lay the foundation for the protection of health and environment.

AFRISO products are subject to stringent requirements

Hygienic Processes Requirements

Measuring technology for hygienic processes

Hygienic production equipment is designed in such a way as to avoid external contamination and microbiological pollution and to ensure easy cleaning. All wetted parts, i. e. materials coming into contact with the medium, must have been tested and classified as hygienic.

Hygienische Prozesse Anschlusstechniken

Highly versatile connection technology with numerous variants,
diffusion-tight and extremely robust: Pressure transducer DMU 02 Vario

The materials used in hygienic AFRISO measuring systems meet FDA requirements for contact with food and drugs as per CFR (Code of Federal Regulations), part 21. These materials comprise metals as well as elastomers for seals or oils for transmission in diaphragm seals.

The EHEDG recommendations are considered in the design of hygienic measuring instruments. AFRISO has been an EHEDG member since 2010; various process connections are EHEDG-certified (EL - Class I).

Precision turning/polishing assure a surface quality of the wetted parts with a medium roughness of Ra ≤ 0.8 μm. Please enquire for an even higher quality of up to Ra ≤ 0.4 μm.

The cleanability of components in closed systems is ensured by CIP (cleaning in place) or SIP (sterilisation in place) cleaning methods. CIP with circulation or flushing methods involve flushing a plant or parts of a plant with alkaline or acid cleaning agents and alcoholic disinfection agents and then rinsing with ultra-pure water. SIP uses hot steam to kill micro-organisms for sterilisation.

AFRISO components for hygienic processes

  • Hygienic design of wetted parts in view of materials and surface quality: Stainless steel 316 Ti/316 L, Monel, Hastelloy, platinum, titanium, PFA/PFTE coatings, plastic materials
  • FDA-listed materials
  • Device design as per EHEDG recommendations
  • EHEDG certificates: Type EL - Class I
  • Welding seams with a roughness height of Ra ≤ 0.8 μm
  • Surface quality with a roughness height of Ra ≤ 0.8 μm (optionally 0.4 μm)
  • Perfect external cleanability due to stainless steel housing with a degree of protection of up to IP 69
  • Resistance to acid, alkaline and alcoholic cleaning agents
  • Suitable for CIP and SIP
  • High resistance to vibration and temperature Numerous process connections for optimum adaptation to the application
  • Relevant certificates such as EHEDG, SIL, GOST, 3-A, ATEX are available, others such as Kosher, Halal can be optionally provided


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