New Products

Our motto „Technology for Environmental Protection“ has long been an inherent part of our product development philosophy and product range. We strive to improve the environment, to make processes which work with greater environmental compatibility and to avoid putting a strain on the environment. The new AFRISO products underpin this once again: We offer you a multitude of innovative solutions, new products and smart concepts.

Bourdon tube pressure gauges for chemical applications Type D9

With screw bezel housing type D1

With screw bezel housing type D6 with glycerine filling

Pressure transducers DMU 14 DG/FG Ex

Pressure transducers DeltaFox® DMU 20 D Version for differential pressure measurement

Electronic pressure switch EDS 10

Ultrasonic level switch SonarFox® USG 20

VarioFox® 24

Digital tank contents indicator DTA 20 E

VarioFox® 24

Level sensor tester GPG 01

Test gas bag PGT 10

Wireless heat detector AHD 10

Wireless smoke alarm ASD

Temperature and humidity sensor FTM 20 TF

Bidirectional wireless actuator AVD 30

Door and window contact AMC 20

Indoor siren AIS 10 PRO

Thermostatic actuators TSA 02 FO

Dynamic thermostat valve bodies Vario-DP

CO 30

Flow rate / temperature measuring instrument FlowTemp® ST

Temperature transmitter CAPBs® sens TK 11

CAPBs® set for tightness test DPK 60-6 sens

DPK 60-7 sens

Universal digital pressure gauge DIM 20