Digital tank contents indicator DTA 20 E

Afriso Digital tank contents indicator DTA 20 E
Afriso Digital tank contents indicator DTA 20 E
Afriso Digital tank contents indicator DTA 20 E
Tank contents indicator DTA 20 E
Afriso Tank contents indicator DTA 20 E


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Tank contents indicators DTA 20 E with Pneumofix 2 mounting kit 52146
Tank contents indicators DTA 20 E 52156

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Tank contents indicator DTA 20 E Operating instructions PDF
Afriso Tank contents indicator DTA 20 E
Product range: AFRISO smart home AFRISO Smart Home PDF
Afriso Product range: AFRISO smart home
The electro-pneumatic tank contents indicator DTA 20 E consists of a control unit with power supply unit, an EnOcean® wireless module, a digital display and a measuring line. Measured values are displayed in litres, % and liquid level (cm). Simple operation and setup via three function keys at the device. DTA 20 E measures the level (adjustable interval) and transmits it to the AFRISOhome gateway via EnOcean® wireless. In addition, measurements can be taken by means of pressing the control key (Push-to-Read function). If the level falls below a minimum level that is freely adjustable as a percentage, the backlight of the display flashes red to indicate an alarm during the measurement. In addition to indication on the local display, the tank owner/operator can receive a push message on the smartphone or tablet. Standard tank shapes (linear, spherical, cylindrical and horizontal) are stored.
Periodic level measurement (1 to 240 hours) with wireless transmission to master systems such as AFRISOhome gateway
Push-to-Read level measurement
Measuring range (tank height)
Fuel oil:
0/400 cm
0/350 cm
Measuring accuracy
± 3 cm
Operating temperature range
0/50 °C
-20/+65 °C
0/50 °C
Multi-colour, backlit graphical display,
White = Operation,
Red = Alarm,
Green = setup,
Indication of litres (5 digits), % or liquid level in cm
Measuring line
PVC hose 4 x 1 mm
20 m
Bottom part:
Stainless steel
Supply voltage
AC 100 – 240 V
Minimum alarm
Backlight flashes red
Push message to mobile devices
Wall mounting housing made of impact-resistant plastic (ABS)
W x H x D:
100 x 188 x 65 mm
Degree of protection:
IP20 (EN 60529)
EnOcean<sup>®</sup> wireless
Generic Profile (GP)
868.3 MHz
Transmission power:
Max. 10 mW
10 – 30 m
depending on room arrangement and materials in the building
Scope of delivery
  • Control unit with power supply unit
  • Pneumofix 2: 20 m measuring line with bottom part, connection kit for G½, G1, G1½ and G2, 25 x nail cable clips, hose adapter (4 mm), mounting accessories
Necessary additional components
  • AFRISOhome gateway